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Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
waters to go down. people in new york city are heading back to work. there are long lines waiting for buses because of the crippled transportation system. we have more on that from the satellite center. >> one estimate has damage from the super star running as high as $50 billion. that could make sandy the second costliest storm. there are some areas waiting for help to arrive. three days later, the death toll continues to decline. the national guard rules and to an area where 20,000 are standard. >> we do not have that much food. >> further south natural gas leaks from destroyed homes. crews have not been able to get here to turn off the gas. >> we never really expected this to be this bad. >> we're awed and humbled by nature's destructive power. we mourn the loss of so many people. our hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones. >> parts of new york city remained paralyzed. lines for buses seemed unending. traffic is worse as police and forced three passenger car pool requirements. some drivers running outg to fill up. >> this is my last time. >> some subway service did r
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
weather and the new york city marathon. word has come in that they have cancelled it. mayor bloomberg said he was going to go through with it, but now they are going to cancel a. >> there was an uprising. a lot of people were upset. >> it was a huge problem. yes, we will keep on top of that, with the developments. >> we have the potential? >> the storm is forming. you have that outlook four, five, six days out. you look at the computer guidance. it might even be in nor'easter. back in the weather center, bob and i and the gang, we have a more classic storm warning. nothing like the scale of sandy. the closer we get the, the more we can predict its effects. >> all right. >> we have some pretty pictures. this is the time lapse. this is the high school in arlington. beautiful, mesmerizing. it is just, but i don't know, kind of a soothing. >> it looks computer-generated. >> it does. but it is not. that is a good sign if you are missing the sunshine but skies will clear out tonight and we will get sunshine for the weekend. 48 degrees in alexandria. 1 weather disturbance finally went throug
Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
expanding casinos at the national harbors. >> most of the new york city subway system is running. a massive effort is underway to restore power to hundreds of thousands and make sure they have the basic necessities of food water, and more. another side effect we are seen locally is a lot of excess debris in the anacostia river. we took a ride on the river today to see what -- to see firsthand what is out in the water. >> creeks, streams, and storm drains from montgomery and prince george's counties in maryland as well as here d.c. in -- nt into the anacostia river. much of the river is starting to look like a trash dump. this is the urban and woodland trash that sandy left. the anna skype -- we get an up close view of what has come from streams nbc and maryland. piles of huge tree trunks. >> we don't the plastic bags anymore. >> we ran into teams of students canoeing on the river for their field trip. >> this is really bad for the pollution to be in the water. i am does really excited that we get to come and view this. >> the river is even dirtier than it looks. >> we probably had a
Nov 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
our area. we're going to get off easy. unfortunately, the people across new york city, long island, long island sound, rhode island are going to be hit pretty hard again. damaging surge and some flooding as well. we're just far enough from the western fringes that we will catch a little bit of a break. there is no precipitation close to the area. r futurecast shows the cloud cover precipitation. we will take appear tomorrow during the day. precipitation just offshore, today, its days. chilly. -- it stays pretty chilly. that will continue late tonight into thursday morning. the system finally pulls out and by late thursday morning, the sunshine will be back. it will be cold. but very nice spring days will follow. blustery in the morning, 35. 42 at midday. temperatures, 37 by the afternoon. look what happens. a thursday friday, saturday, sunday, a warming trend. a nice break from this chill. it is nice to see a few days down the road. >> it looks like a great weekend. cut seven is on your side with a car seat recall. >> the voter turnout >> welcome back. this was the common picture t
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
a new york city boy. a grand jury sentenced hern andez. police believe he choked etan patz nand put his body in a bag of trash. >> the latest from the made in america series. >>nice to see you as always. the president has this big press conference. i know you were watching and he touched on a lot of different things today. >> he does and will try to bring everybody in d.c. the big picture. also the most potent message the voters were sending in the poll books. >> it sounds like tonight is a must see. >> this is something new. is it possible that a corporate giant could take your idea and have it made in china? and then salih in their store? our "made in america" captain has more. it can watch the stories and more tonight after abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. >> we went to mcclellan high- school, this was the second stop. a chance to talk to students about avoiding distractions behind the wheel. specifically, no texting. our volunteer did a good job and the students learned a lot. if you would like us to have our program to your school, make sure you get touch with us on our website. quex fc
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5